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Seow Kong

I have been running for 38 years, and for the last 10 years, a lot of adventure and ultra marathons.  These were done mostly during my 21 years in China.  I played a lot of tennis then, and I have my own home gym which I used very regularly.  I was younger too.  So, I […]

Jia Jie

I joined Warrior Fitness in December 2017, to boost my overall physical fitness. I first discovered Warriors when my dad and I were exercising in Youth Park. My attention was caught repetitively by the energetic commotion of a group of people wearing red shirts, and soon decided to join. Within two months of joining, I […]


I joined Warrior Fitness Operation Transformation 6.0 in March 2018 to lose weight and be more physically active. Attending bootcamp training sessions was part of the program. I found OT 6.0 program very helpful as it provided not only fitness but also nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance. At first I’ve joined 5:30 am bootcamp sessions […]


I joined Warrior Bootcamp in March 2017, although I had tried several sessions beforehand just to make sure it was right for me. I really didn’t want to commit to something and then lose interest and fail! I think this is probably a cycle that many of us can identify with. However, I was really […]


My journey with Warrior began when a friend encouraged me to join. I had seen some of the crazy stuff that warriors did and my first response was, “I ain’t doing all the tough workout you guys do.” Then she told me about a free trial with Warrior Lite and after that trial I decided […]

Xuan Ling

I started joining Warrior 3 years ago and I thought you guys does crazy training in Warrior. My first session was during the free trial week, I went for 4 classes and by the next week I felt odd not doing those exercises so I went back to the sessions and then I realised, I […]


When I first joined Warrior sessions, the workouts were fresh and tough for me. I did not know what a burpee was, how to squat, how to do a push-up… However, the professional team of coaches gave us a variety of training methods to make the sessions different and fun. With their kind guidance and […]


My first Warrior Bootcamp class was with Conor on the 16th of August 2013. I used to go to the gym but stopped after having kids. Then my sister Jo An joined Warrior and told me about it and dragged my a@@ to WBC with her. My first session with Conor ended up with me […]


I joined Warrior in April 2016 for Operation Transformation 3.0. I had not planned on joining OT till Conor, Chin Lee and the Warrior team planted some thought-provoking seeds in my head. So I decided to join in. After all, how hard could it be?! At the first session, I experienced how hard it COULD […]


My Warrior journey started exactly a year ago, as a New Year resolution. My friend Arlette (Bootcamp Veteran) told me that I would find the training fun and challenging. I used to be the kind of guy who thought that a 20 minute run and 30 minutes at the gym every 2-3 weeks would keep […]

Debbie C

I first joined Warrior last summer because the training sessions had clearly made a difference for people I knew. I enjoy teamwork, and Warrior has great team spirit. My Warrior friends had lost weight, got in shape, and put an end to niggling injuries through regularly attending sessions. I’d been running competitively for about seven […]


I joined Warrior back in May 2016. I wasn’t really interested in joining until Alame convinced me to do the Spartan Beast that October. I knew that running wasnt exactly my strength and the only way I’d hold myself responsible to do it was in a group or friends pushing me to do it. I […]


I first joined Warrior Bootcamp in June 2016. Before WBC, I exercised with a different group and found that the sessions were getting mundane for me, so I started seeking for an alternative. I was recommended to WBC by Arvin & a mutual friend of ours. I was also preparing for my first Viper Challenge […]


I joined Warrior bootcamp in March 2015 (OMG, last month was my 2nd Anniversary!!). Prior to that, I was mostly cycling and swimming, and considered myself ‘ok’ fitness-wise. I had been trying to get my wife to get into some form of exercise for a long time but couldn’t. I know in order for the […]


 I joined Warrior for the first time in 2013. Our friend, Daniel, had discovered Warrior bootcamp and he and Martin did evening classes. Then we found out there were morning classes, so I joined too. It was great! I love outdoor training. The sessions are fun because they’re different each time. Then we moved back […]


I have been relatively active my whole life and did many sports. However, when my work life started and we became parents, there was not much time for sport or exercise. I kept active somewhat by entering in running or ice-skating races to push myself into training for those races. Because I hate going to […]


My first Warrior bootcamp session was in September 2014. I just had started bootcamp in the Netherlands, so I was happy to know there was Warrior Bootcamp in Penang! However, there was one big difference… the climate!!! When I told my friends and family back home about my new workout in Penang, they thought I […]


I first came across Warrior Fitness on Eventbrite in February 2017, when I saw the free Spartan community workout. I’ve heard of Spartan before but it wasn’t the thing that caught my interest. I checked out Warrior Fitness’s profile and it said, “Warrior Fitness is military-inspired training…” At that moment I just thought, “Oh cool, […]

Swen Lin

I joined WBC about a year ago because I liked the idea of a full-body workout that was challenging and sustainable for me in the outdoors nearby at a time and location convenient to me. I was very surprised to find a large group of people who had the same interest and they were all […]


I first started Warrior Boot Camp in March 2017 after hearing about it from a few friends and immediately I fell in love with this “big family”. As a newbie, I always felt like I was part of a team because of the friendliness of the warriors. The coaches are really helpful and encouraging too. […]


At first, I wasn’t very good at sports so I decided to join Warrior boot camp. During the work out sessions, I met a lot of new friends. I like the workout and it is very fun. Warrior boot camp also made me fitter, faster and stronger. I now attend about 3 days a week. […]

Yong Shen

I have heard about this Warrior community long ago before I stepped in. I still remember the first time I joined a Warrior Boot Camp class. It was a boxing class conducted by Chinlee Tay and I remembered being paired up with our beloved and respected Mr. Chun Kok Khaw (Peter). He was so energetic […]


I joined WBC in October 2014 on the recommendation of a fellow Warrior. I’d moved to Penang from Dubai earlier that year and was unable to find any fitness classes that were both fun and challenging. After my first session at Straits Green I was hooked! It was the combination of a fabulous outdoor setting, […]

Soon Hin

I was recommended by my primary school mate on my fist trial of WBC boot camp. I found that it was fun doing the workout together with the crowd. With the experience and helpfulness of the coaches, I have decided to become a member after the first trial on a long term basis. I started […]


When I was in high school and college, I was a strong runner. I could run a 4:30 mile and could run 21km in about 1:15. After graduating from college, I moved to China to teach English for two years. During that time, I developed some digestive problems that, over the course of one and […]


Growing up I never exercised. I was always interested in other things like sewing or shopping, especially shopping! But after having kids, I hadn’t lost any baby weight and decided I needed to do something. Will often encouraged me to run with him, but I found it so boring. Instead, I often did Zumba. Will […]


I joined about 6 years ago, a friend dragged me along. I wanted to go cycling up Pearl Hill, and no-one of my cycling buddies showed up that day. So I joined her to try out something new. I really like the versatile training. You never know who is teaching and in all the years […]


I moved to Penang on May, 1, 2016 and I did my official first Warrior Boot Camp session on May2, 2016. Actually I joined BC in March 2016 for two sessions on my first trip to Penang. On this trip Petra brought me to the WBC. I’m very happy, that I found a sports group […]


My first meeting with the boot camp family was on the 1st of December 2016. Ever since then, I’ve been attending boot camp on Mondays, wednesdays, fridays and on the weekends. My first impression of bootcamp is that it’s really tough and I thought that it would be impossible to do this so often but […]


I first joined WBC over 7 months ago thanks to Debbie Wong’s introduction to Warrior. The coaches gave us a lot of fun games and exercises with different types of challenges. The exercises in each training session are good quality training and it gives just the right amount of intensity and workout. The Warrior members […]


I started WBC after joining the Spartan Community Workout in Sept 2016 in preparation for Spartan Sprint end of 2016. I had a lot of fun as well as learnt a lot during that session. It also showed how much more work I needed to put into training. I thought the coaches were helpful, friendly […]


I never knew how boot camp was like until I participated on it. I still remembered the first day I joined it was so tough and I couldn’t feel my body. Physically and mentally I was drained, but I had a good feeling about this, despite the difficulty. Each time I achieved a certain obstacle, […]

Guat Lay

I joined Warrior bootcamp in early 2016. Prior to this, I’ve been running and doing some gym workouts with a group of friends. I had the experience of running both half and full marathon under my belt and wanted to explore something different. It was my friend, Ving who recommended me to join Warrior bootcamp, […]


I first joined Bootcamp in 2013, and the reason I joined bootcamp was because I started doing outdoor exercises and felt that it was quite fun. I felt that Warrior training was quite efficient as I could keep on improving my stamina and my body. Warrior training is a good experience, and I wish to […]


In November I will have been attending WBC for one year. Previously I had been juggling a stressful full-time job and young family, with little or no time for exercise. My first session was with Jee, I enjoyed it but it was hard coming back to exercise; my legs wouldn’t work for days after. I […]


It was 3 months postpartum to my second baby and I was looking to lose the baby weight so I could fit into something else besides my maternity clothes and Pajamas. I decided to try WBC since some friends (Jo An and Grace) gave shining reviews of it being effective and hardcore. So happened, I […]


I first noticed Warrior when I saw a few Warriors working out in Botanical Gardens. Then I joined and that was it – I never left! I used to be a State runner 20 years ago, competing in long and short distance events. All this ended when I got married and started working. When I […]


Joining Warrior Bootcamp is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. It’s not just a normal run-of-the-mill workout but has taught my 7-year old son and me, the true meaning of discipline, dedication and teamwork. With great people around me, whom have become good friends, I am so pleased and […]

Lee Chin Kok

The Warrior Fitness Program is an excellent cross-training program that complements my half and full marathon training; it helps me improve my core strength and reduce injuries. The coaches are truly dedicated, motivated and pushes you beyond your comfort zones – 70 sets and 7 repetitions … enjoy. And it is also fun training with […]


I gain a lot (physically and mentally) after joining Warrior training. The coaches really push me over my perceived limits and it changes my ‘can’t do’ mindset to ‘can do’. They are also willing to share their knowledge and expertise. A big thank you to all the wonderful coaches.


I first started Warrior sessions over a year ago as I was overweight, at risk of diabetes and hadn’t really done any proper exercise since the birth of my second child, five years ago!  The sessions are well structured and are run by professional, experienced and enthusiastic coaches. It is one of the most welcoming […]


When I first came to Warrior Bootcamp, I was very intimidated. However, I quickly learned that they are of all different ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. Everyone is so kind and supportive, and cheer each other on through the workouts. The instructors are really good about correcting your form and making sure you work at […]

Munchy’s Testimonial

I am someone who used to avoid workouts because I found the gym to be boring. But after I joined WBC, I found the different exercises in every class to be fun yet challenging! I lost nearly 10kgs in 3 months after I joined the TRX workout sessions and it made me stronger and firmer […]

Promoting fitness for life

I would like to thank Warrior Bootcamp and all of its coaches for encouraging me over the past two years and helping me meet my fitness goals. I am definitely “fitter, faster, tougher, stronger” than when I started, and I plan to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle back in Texas! Warrior Bootcamp can proudly boast […]

Testimonial of Claudia M.

* Joining Warrior has changed my whole perception about healthy living. It has not only improved my fitness level, but has helped me improved my overall lifestyle. Every workout is different, I like that the program varies constantly, but what pushes Warrior over the top are the people and environment. The coaches are supportive, motivating […]

Testimonial of Adeline F.

* From being extremely unfit, I have seen my body grown to enjoy exercise and running. I particularly love training in a group as it embodies team support, encouragement, empathy and friendly bonding. These… you can’t get from training in a gym. The coaches are truly supportive, encouraging, down to earth and are great motivators. […]

Testimonial of Diana F.

* One of my favorite aspects of Warrior is that it is fun, outdoors, has the feeling of a personal trainer, and never the same. This has definitely helped to keep me motivated. With healthy eating habits and attending Warrior three times a week, I am very pleased with the 7kg weight reduction as well […]

Testimonial of Yamel

* When you are living in a different country and continent, life can be difficult to manage. Finding a place to exercise where the coaches enjoy their work and push you to give your best effort is really motivating. I have always thought that my best workout is kick boxing but now I can say […]

Testimonial of Daphne S.

* I first joined Warrior 4 months after having my first baby. I’d been a regular gym junkie before this but Warrior has changed my perception of how I can get fit in a different way – it’s like personal training (with a bunch of different coaches!), physical and mental conditioning all rolled into one. […]

Testimonial of Andrew C.

* First few sessions were tough but due to the encouragement and persistency from the coaches and recruits, I managed to endure the tough trainings and this resulted in vast improvement in both form and stamina. Warrior has helped me discover my passion and potential in long distance running and I had been participating in […]

Testimonial of Karin L.

* I used to run 3 times a week but after coming to Warrior for 6 months, I can see and feel a big difference. My body is much toner. The coaches are highly trained, motivating, very friendly and use a variety of training methods. The group is a mixture of nationalities, fitness levels and […]

Testimonial of Jo B.

* I like being part of a team. It’s nice to do something with other people. I like the fact that I get pushed to the limit of my ability. By myself I’d just do the bare minimum. I’m much fitter, I feel so much better, I’ve got more stamina, more able to do things. […]

Testimonial of Annie

* Prior to joining Warrior, I tried many diets and exercised on my own but I would never to be able to successfully lose any weight. After 3 months with Warrior doing serious trainings for at least 3 times a week, I have managed to lose 4 kgs and also inches off the body. Now […]

Testimonial of Daniel M

* I really like good food so moving to Penang as an expat 2 years ago was a great experience but unfortunately not so good for my weight with all the food temptations. I found out about Warrior and decided to try it. Honestly the first few times were hard and I had a tough […]

Testimonial of Wei Jian

* Warrior has the right professionals to effectively motivate me in becoming a stronger person through sweat, teamwork, determination. I saw fruitful results within months and now able run in marathons which was impossible for me before. Thank you Warrior! 

Testimonial of Phaik Hoon

* Since I joined Warrior, my weight has reduced about 4-5kgs, but the importance here is not to lose weight; it is how I have learned the right way to perform different types of exercises to keep myself healthy. The second thing Warrior has taught me is persistency and discipline in my workouts. I try […]

Testimonial of Brandon

* Having a busy and tight schedule in my daily life as a fashion designer, I always try to find time for my exercise routine; and that’s where I join up with Warrior. I’ve been with Warrior for more than one year now. I feel and look so much better, and the improvement to my […]

Testimonial of Ai Ping

* In Warrior,you are pushed to the limits you never thought you could reach, and you come to realize that your full potential is a lot greater than you thought it was. I also love the fact that I have finally found a community in Penang that loves the outdoors – be it hiking, running, […]

Siobhan Testimonial

* For me the best two things about it are, one, the classes are given by coaches with many years experience in all areas of fitness and sports health, and they genuinely seem care about you and your health. Secondly is the camaraderie that is evident even on your first day. As an expat married […]

Testimonial of Suan Choo

* Step classes, gym memberships, even tried self-training at home for a bit but for the past couple of years or so, Warrior has been the most effective at helping me attain my exercise goals – a healthy lifestyle, improved fitness and weight maintenance. The variety of exercises that comes with the many different trainers […]

Testimonial of Sharon

* If there is such thing as one size fits all, then Warrior is your one stop solution for fitness needs. It provides all round fitness training from agility to speed training to cross training to strength to flexibility. The coaches are friendly and always ready to advise and help. With Warrior, I’m simply FITTER, […]

Testimonial of Ann L

* It has now been almost a year since I joined and I can honestly say, it has been a wonderful experience. The people who attend are a very positive and friendly group. I have made some great friends and everyone is extremely encouraging and supportive. The enthusiastic coaches bring their own unique style to each […]

Testimonial of Eugene

* Warrior training is like coffee. Drags you out of bed, gives you a kick and it’s addictive. Best one hour spent in a day. 

Testimonial of Jenny

* Warrior training entails several aspects to achieve optimum fitness and physical endurance like strength, flexibility, balance, power, speed, coordination, agility and stamina. In summary, Warrior helps me gain a stronger core muscle by doing different cross-training exercises.

Testimonial of Bernadette

* Boys, girls, young, middle aged and older, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Expat, fat, thin or in between – at Warrior we are all the same. We are all striving to become fitter and healthier, to enjoy our lives to the utmost. And the best part is that everyone shares, everyone supports and everyone has fun. […]

Testimonial of Sarah W

* I never thought I could get hooked on something that was initially so hard and felt like torture! But now I love the way I feel after a class, seeing my body change and knowing I’m getting so much fitter and healthier. As an expat, it’s also been a great way to meet fantastic, […]

Testimonial of Josie

* I joined a gym for many years but never got the results that I did at Warrior. I swapped air con and hard floors for the hot sun and rainy days and I’m loving it! 

Testimonial of Ann M

* Warrior keeps me fit and pushes me to do things I never thought I could do! The coaches and recruits are a fun bunch and we have good laughs in between the intense workout which is a major stress relief. Best investment I’ve made and it’s addictive too! 

Testimonial of DhineshJessie

* It took my sister, Jo An, one year to convince me to try out Warrior, and when I eventually tried it in August 2013, I have been hooked ever since. It makes me feel fitter, stronger and healthier. It is challenging but fun and the recruits are all so fun to be with and […]

Testimonial of Jo An

* I enjoy coming to Warrior sessions so much that I even introduced my sister, Jessie and we both are now regulars. I have also met many wonderful new friends along the way and they gave me the motivation to keep going, get healthy and stay active.

Testimonial of Dhinesh

* Looking fit and actually being fit are two very different things. I learnt that very humbling lesson on my very first session and I’ve been hooked on getting and staying fit with Warrior ever since

Testimonial of Adeline C.

* Since being with Warrior, my life has changed to become fitter and healthier, from looking ‘round’ to now looking fitter and more toned. I’ve also learned to do things I never believed I could do, such as running half marathons and doing 40 pushups a minute. It is a part of my life which […]

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