I never knew how boot camp was like until I participated on it. I still remembered the first day I joined it was so tough and I couldn’t feel my body. Physically and mentally I was drained, but I had a good feeling about this, despite the difficulty. Each time I achieved a certain obstacle, I felt a little closer to my goal . Which is not only to loose weight but to be healthy physically. As days turned into months, I gained back my confidence. I felt good about myself with the constant workouts and challenges. I participated with their O.T programme and I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge on how to take care of my body. I’ve never felt so healthy as I am today. 

I love how the coaches helped me and encouraged me. Each have their own different style of coaching and I can’t help but thank them for their patience and for believing in me. I had so much fun working out with my teammates, building new friendship and camaraderie. I’m very motivated with the group session esp my 5:30am team mates and I enjoyed their outdoor activity as well. I believe one cannot hope to perform to their utmost potential without commitment and motivation. I’m glad that I’ve made my decision to join Warrior Fitness bec honestly I hav so much fun n I wouldn’t say I can beat anyone or better than anyone and it’s not a competition to me but it’s to push with my own limit, all this while I do not believe I could run 12km without walking at all. Im surprised and secretly proud of myself too. I have improve so much in my stamina endurance and I believe mental toughness is arguably just as important as physical toughness to surpassing your physical limits. Thank you so much Warrior Fitness for helping me to get fitter n I hav lost 9kg. What else can I say .. exhale doubt, inhale confidence and Commit Focus & Believe!! Get out of your comfort zone, made time for your fitness.