I first joined Warrior Bootcamp in June 2016. Before WBC, I exercised with a different group and found that the sessions were getting mundane for me, so I started seeking for an alternative. I was recommended to WBC by Arvin & a mutual friend of ours. I was also preparing for my first Viper Challenge in November then. I didn’t think I’ll enjoy bootcamp, however I was very quickly proved wrong. My first class was Harjit’s and it was pouring heavily. I thought they would have cancelled the session but surprisingly they trained in the rain! If that’s not determination, I don’t know what is. To be honest, it wasn’t the fun creative sessions that got me hooked to bootcamp. It was the Warriors’ determination and company. After training in the rain with them for the first time, I wanted to know how much more “craziness” was in store for me. Right when I thought they reached the highest level of crazy, they never fail to put a cherry on top which made every session enjoyable. Now I try to attend 4 sessions a week, 5 if I get the extra token for Jee’s TRX class. Working out used to feel like a chore. Now, I enjoy every moment of it and look forward to it. I wish Warrior will be able to reach out to more people like me who used to find that working out is mundane and/or difficult and make them realize how exercise can be fun and interesting.