I have heard about this Warrior community long ago before I stepped in. I still remember the first time I joined a Warrior Boot Camp class. It was a boxing class conducted by Chinlee Tay and I remembered being paired up with our beloved and respected Mr. Chun Kok Khaw (Peter). He was so energetic and active. I also remembered he kept saying to me “AH BOY, you are strong and fast, you need to come and train with us!” Sorry for bringing up this sad story but his perseverance and determination in sports definitely lit a spark in my heart and I am very grateful to have met him in WBC. I remembered going to a free Spartan Clinic at Lembah Permai and that was when my interest soared. It was in that moment I realized I have got so much more to learn. Growing up as a naïve individual, I love learning new things and I always tried to put my best in everything I do, be it in training or competition. What makes me keep coming back??? The main reason was the people and the environment here. Everyone in WBC is extremely friendly and I can proudly say that I know most of the Warriors already. Millions thanks to all WBC coaches for making each and every workout session fun and competitive. It is very different compared to our normal type of gym because the workout includes much more running and agility movements. Besides that, the motivation and encouragement from all the coaches are really incredible and I do have a goal to chase which is to be as good as Coach Aris Tan Cheang Cheng and Coach Roger Choo Hahahaha! They are truly inspirational! 

During my time in Penang, on average I think I attended two or three sessions per week mostly Mayhem on Tuesday evenings and Raw on Saturday mornings. I would love to have joined more sessions but unfortunately I need to balance between my running workout, WBC session, and also not forgetting playing other sports with my peers which include football, swimming, hiking, badminton and etc. I have learned so much from the Warrior community, especially on the knowledge of various movements and body weight exercises. I don’t really fancy these exercises because I find them extremely difficult to complete during my old days. However, now I can easily name a few exercises that I enjoy the most: burpees, tyre flips, bear crawls, bar hanging and many more. All in all, I would say I have enjoyed every single session and every single moment of my experience in WBC. I hope that WBC community would continue to do what they do best which is to enhance the interests exercise and athleticism. For those who like to hibernate during your free time, you should try WBC one day. Who knows? You might fall in love with exercise without you knowing it and most importantly making exercise a daily lifestyle!