When I first joined Warrior sessions, the workouts were fresh and tough for me. I did not know what a burpee was, how to squat, how to do a push-up… However, the professional team of coaches gave us a variety of training methods to make the sessions different and fun. With their kind guidance and encouragement, I had the confidence to try the workouts that I had previously felt were impossible for me. The coaches and other recruits constantly encouraged me, accompanied me, and kept telling me: YOU CAN DO IT! I experienced training in the rain and dirt, and realized what a great feeling it is! You’ll never know if you never try. I see lots of improvement in myself, both physically and mentally, after I joined Warrior bootcamp. I can run a 10km and even half marathon race and look forward to more. I even participated in the Spartan Race last year. And the most important thing is that I do not fall sick easily. I like the fun and friendly training atmosphere. With the coaches’ great help and coaching, I know that I will get Fitter, Faster, Tougher and Stronger. Thank you Warrior!