I joined Warrior Fitness Operation Transformation 6.0 in March 2018 to lose weight and be more physically active. Attending bootcamp training sessions was part of the program. I found OT 6.0 program very helpful as it provided not only fitness but also nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance. At first I’ve joined 5:30 am bootcamp sessions and then also added Endurance Run, Raw and Boxing. Occasionally I show up at Mayhem (if manage to escape from my office early enough :)) So far my bootcamp experience if absolutely fantastic. Coaches are professional and encouraging offering different options of the same exercise for different fitness levels. I felt instantly welcomed by fellow Warriors. I could not imagine 3 months ago that I would dare to do an obstacle race (or any race all :)) and now I can say that I did it! I have completed Urban Jungle Challenge together with my Warrior friends. We were going through the course together helping each other if needed. Now I am getting ready for my first Spartan Sprint. I am still a bit nervous but I know that I can do it thanks to Warrior training sessions and Warrior friends support.