I moved to Penang on May, 1, 2016 and I did my official first Warrior Boot Camp session on May2, 2016. Actually I joined BC in March 2016 for two sessions on my first trip to Penang. On this trip Petra brought me to the WBC. I’m very happy, that I found a sports group in Penang with a wide variety of sport activities. I was not sure, if I could do sport in the heat but the WBC adjusts works around this problem. So I’m now again able to do sports almost every day. And I don’t need to go by myself as I found new friends for running and other activities as well. WBC helps me a lot for running. I feel much stronger because this is the first time in my life, that I do strength and agility training in addition to running. The coaches gave me many tips and advice for improving my running style. They have an open ear for questions every time. Keep on doing!