I joined Warrior Bootcamp in March 2017, although I had tried several sessions beforehand just to make sure it was right for me. I really didn’t want to commit to something and then lose interest and fail! I think this is probably a cycle that many of us can identify with. However, I was really looked after by the Warrior family and was supported and encouraged beyond all expectation; this positive attitude kept me coming back again and again until my bad habits changed to good habits. 

I moved to Penang with my son, from the UK in August 2016, to take up a new teaching post and during the whole process of ‘ planning and moving’ I got into bad habits and stopped exercising regularly. I had always been pretty active, however I am an asthmatic and so running was always my achelees heal and something I tried to avoid if I could. Penang jungle air changed that entirely and since I have lived here I have not needed medication at all! I have run a half marathon, completed the Warrior Beach Obstacle race and taken part in a Spartan race too. I never knew what a belly burpy was until joining Warrior Fitness- but we are VERY well acquainted now!

I try to attend 3/4 sessions per week; I aim for 2 evening sessions during the week after work (and organising my son with his homework and chores) also a Saturday morning Raw session and a fantastic Boxing session in the afternoon whilst my son attends Junior Warrior Fitness- it works pretty well and he loves it! I usually have a run on Sunday sometimes with Warrior friends. Right now, I am looking forward to the Urban Jungle Obstacle race, organised by Warrior Fitness, followed by the Penang Esplanade Half Marathon.

As I write this I actually cannot believe that I am fit enough to do these races, but I absolutely am. I think that it has worked for me because I have been consistent, even when work demands have meant that I have missed some sessions, it hasn’t deterred me, and nobody at Warrior makes me feel bad about it. When I see my Warrior friends it is such a pleasure and I look forward to my sessions so much.

My Warrior Fitness experiences this year have change because I have much more confidence in myself and what I can achieve. I trust my body and understand my limitations. I feel that all the sweat and struggle in the early months has paid off and has giving me a new level of motivation. I still have off days and I never compare myself to others( well, maybe occasionally..) but I am a fitter, healthier and happier person than before I joined the sessions.

I hope that Warrior Fitness continues with the great work into the future, building on their core values and encouraging members from all over to come and take part.