I started joining Warrior 3 years ago and I thought you guys does crazy training in Warrior.

My first session was during the free trial week, I went for 4 classes and by the next week I felt odd not doing those exercises so I went back to the sessions and then I realised, I actually like the training a lot because I’ve always loved outdoor activities. Now I’m attending 4 sessions a week.

Warrior sessions this year have been great, because they make me stronger and also I don’t struggle so much during Spartan races anymore. I’m honestly content with all the trainings I get from Warrior now, but I wish there could be more races organized by Warrior Fitness themselves, as I would be very interested to join the races.

I’m currently training for my Spartan Trifecta this year, other than that, I also hope that from all those trainings I could do more marathons and many more Spartan Trifecta achievements in future years.