My journey with Warrior began when a friend encouraged me to join. I had seen some of the crazy stuff that warriors did and my first response was, “I ain’t doing all the tough workout you guys do.” Then she told me about a free trial with Warrior Lite and after that trial I decided that I would become a member.

The coaches were really encouraging and told us to go at our own pace. The other members were also very motivating and soon I felt like I belonged. A month later, I felt my stamina had improved and the exercises were getting easier. I had begun to enjoy the sessions and looked forward to coming each week. Currently, due to my busy schedule I am coming for 2 sessions per week but will look at increasing the sessions. 

I also joined the Operation Transformation program and I believe that is one of the best things that I have done. I learned how to look at food differently and became very careful with what I put into my mouth. It was tough in the beginning as I had to make a lifestyle change. Together with OT and the warrior sessions, I began to feel and look better. Overall I lost inches and my clothes fit me better too. 

My main reason for joining Warrior was to improve my health. Last week when I went to my doctor, he told me that I can stop taking my hypertension medication as my blood pressure had stabilised. Wow! I couldn’t believe my ears!! I would like Warrior Fitness to become the No.1 health and wellness establishment to help people of all ages to become mentally and physically stronger and healthier by having roadshows and awareness programmes.. MY goal for the future is to get fitter, stronger and healthier and to enrol more of my friends with health issues into Warrior Fitness.