In November I will have been attending WBC for one year. Previously I had been juggling a stressful full-time job and young family, with little or no time for exercise. My first session was with Jee, I enjoyed it but it was hard coming back to exercise; my legs wouldn’t work for days after. I recall I just couldn’t gently lower myself down onto a seat, so getting into the car or using the bathroom isn’t easy!

Once recovered from the initial shock, I started attending twice a week, just going at 8.30am Mondays and Wednesdays, I was scared to join Friday because I was told there was lots of running and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. However, with my red card in hand, I braved one Friday and like every warrior session, the inclusive spirit, encouragement and fundamental options meant I could do it; I loved it and I was hooked. From that point on I was committed and I never missed a session.

In February, a fortnight before the event I signed up for the Warrior 10K, only the fun run though, the thought of doing the obstacles was just too daunting. At that point, the last time I had run more than just around the block was back in 1999 and there was no time to build up to it. On the day it was so fun being there, being part of WBC and the sense of achievement wonderful.

I am really not sure how I came to sign up for the Spartan Beast, I remember the warriors returning triumphantly from the Super and in particular, Tess was just inspirational. I believe this is the only challenge in my life I have taken on where I wasn’t confident I could do it at the onset. With 5 months of focus on my goal, WBC and support from Tess, who seemed to believe I could do it even when I wasn’t sure myself when the day arrived, I was prepared and ready.

There is a point in the race where you emerge at the top of a slope to enter the finishing arena. Seeing the sea of red shirts and hearing the screams and shouts of the warriors was phenomenal. I had a cramp; I had to do burpees but I could hear every shout and recognise every voice encouraging me and it was simply amazing.

I expected to have fun but I honestly never expected to finish the Spartan Beast so well and that’s taking a while to really sink in, but more that the race itself, I never expected to have such a transformational year at the age of 49. This last year has been an incredible journey for me: from zero to being my own personal hero. So thank you to every coach for every session, to every warrior friend and of course special thanks to Tess. It is astounding the difference one year can make, if you put your mind to it and have friends and warriors to support you.

Reading this back, I am struck by the fact that not by design I can find Commit, Focus, Believe & Achieve.