While we fully support girls taking gym selfies, guys should just focus on actually working out at the health club. To illustrate our point, we found nine gym selfies and give you the reasons why the guys in the photos are breaking Guy Code.

First, the above photo is an amazing catch. Someone caught this guy taking a selfie on the exercise bike. That’s not even a cool machine! Plus, you never want to take selfies in public where others can photograph and mock you.

This guy exposed the fact his buddy forgot to bring different socks to workout in. Not cool. Plus, he wrote “lol”! Guys should never write that, especially when something isn’t even funny.

Anyone who tags their selfie with “sexybeast” ain’t sexy. Plus, Ernesto picked @pumpingiron102 as his handle. Why 102? That’s an entry level class, like English 102.

Speedos and selfies don’t mix.

Who cares if you “went hard today”? And who actually says things like, “Went hard today”?

Poking fun at yourself with a silly shirt shows you’re not insecure, but this guy ruined it by showing off his guns and using more tags than any man should use in a month.

If you ever find yourself pulling up your shorts to show off your legs in a selfie, put the iPhone down and slowly back away.

So many things wrong with this one, we don’t know where to begin.

This guy isn’t even wearing workout clothing and he’d tagged it “#style.” There is no way he even broke a sweat.

Have a great weekend!

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