BOOTCAMP is a NEW outdoor fitness training programmed for both men and women which uses the New Fitness Techniques and guided by professional instructors to motivate and encourage you to achieve better weight loss, increase fitness and mental strength in a fun exhilarating environment. Our formulated exercise programs allow people of different fitness levels to work at their own pace but also be motivated to push harder for more effective results. Of course all done in the best, training, weight loss environment “the great outdoors!”

The Bootcamp program will incorporate both regular routines for familiarity and the latest exercising methods to create a more exciting training experience. Each session is aimed to be unique, different and invigorating. The group sessions will also encourage healthy interactions between each new recruit a great way to get to know each other & make new friends.

Bootcamp also bridges the gap between specific gym classes, which could be mundanely structured and impersonal, and personal training sessions, which can be costly! Here, even exercising together in a group, we will still try to understand your individual fitness goals and help you attain them.

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