Warrior Bootcamp awards recruits who show consistency, resilience, teamwork and determination in training. The Warrior of the Month award is chosen based on the inputs from all our instructors. You don’t have to be the physically fittest or strongest to be selected but consistently demonstrate a never say die attitude, team skills and mental toughness that is an example and inspiration to others.

Well done again to all the recent winners.  

Warrior of the month June 2013 award for morning sessions goes to Pauline!

Warrior of the month June 2013 award for evening sessions goes to Phaik Hoon!

Warrior of the month July 2013 award for morning session goes to Bernadette!

Warrior of the month July 2013 award for evening session goes to Sharon!

The prizes are : a free exclusive SILVER Warrior BC water bottle

and two FREE WBC  training sessions.  

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