Just do it: 
There is no right time, start now !!!

Set a Goal:

“Lose Weight”  “Runs a 10km” “get into those jeans” “  ……….” remember your goal must be realistic and achievable. Announce your goal to the world , tell your friends , put it on FB, the social pressure will help you keep focused.

Make a written plan: 

You are more likely to succeed if you have a written plan

Join a training program that works:

Take up training that gives real value not just a quick fix or a cheap price. It must provide you professional advise, support and inspire you to succeed. Fact: 4/5 Americans have fitness membership that goes unused 

Enlist Support from family and friends: 

They will have a big impact on your success, their input & encouragement will make success more achievable.

“But but I don’t have enough time !” 

Notice we always have enough time for the pleasurable things like eating and sitting in front of the television. Take a hard look at yourself , start to manage your life.Take control of your time, learn to say NO, Remember physical exercise is the best pill designed to prevent illness and improve mental wellness. Focus on the positives and make exercise part of your daily schedule today !!.  

Train with friends 
Train with friends as the mutual support will keep you going. 

Join a group who can have a positive influence on you.

If you join a group who are into fitness then you are more than likely going to get more into fitness. 

Yes quantity and consistency of exercise matters: 

Just don’t run/walk the marathon once and never doing anything for the rest of the year.The amount and type of exercise you do matters to your long term fitness , weight management and health. Stick with it throughout the year. Btw it takes on average 66 days for the fitness habit to form. Once a week does not work, start with twice and build up to 3 – 5 times as your fitness improves.

You can’t have it all !!

Training does not cancel out bad decisions such as abusing alcohol, smoking, and saturated fat. So aim to stop. But focus on getting fit first and when it is a habit start to reduce the junk. 

Be Realistic and Patient. 
You may never regain the body type you had at 21 , so be realistic with your expectations. Also don’t get overwhelmed there are NO quick fixes just take it one step at a time. 

Record what you eat: 

You are probably eating way more calories than you realize 

Eat less calories and eliminate processed foods:

Reduce portion sizes , cut own the processed carbs such as white rice & sugar. The aim is to reduce the number of calories you burn daily to achieve long term weight loss. Losing weight is about small not drastic changes in your lifestyle, for example a start would be to stop taking soft drinks with meals and substituting it with water.This is a simple way to reduce weight. Remember make small changes not huge changes otherwise you will fail.

Don’t skip Breakfast:

This is a must as it sets you up physically and mentally for the day ahead.

Get plenty of Sleep & Rest: 

Your body needs rest, aim for 7-8 hours’ sleep per night as this helps your body to repair improve your mental alertness, fat burning and ability to consistently train.

Drink Water: 

Often tiredness & illness comes from dehydration. So keep yourself well hydrated during and after exercise. Try to drink water as it’s the best and most natural fluid replacement. Note isotonic sports drinks have lots of sugar and should only be consumed if you are an endurance athlete. 

Measure your progress: 

Take a photo before or after a period of training to compare how you look, notice that you can now fit into those jeans. 

Don’t be to afraid to praise yourself:
When you have achieved progress give yourself a well-deserved clap on the back. Then keep going don’t give up as fitness is a life time commitment.


Copytright @ Warrior Bootcamp Penang 

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