Trying to juggle between hectic work schedule and trying to make time for fitness may be a chore for some as it’s not every time that we get lucky to get off early from work to squeeze in a good bootcamp workout.

Yes, missing out on a good workout session can be frustrating but not to worry, there are ways to squeeze mini workouts into your daily routines. These ideas/suggestions may not accumulate to the amount of calories you probably burn in bootcamp but hey, a little something is better than nothing at all. 

1) Park your car far

One of the most ironic thing about people is that they drive to the gym, then they look for parking spots to park their car as close as possible to the entrance to save the effort of walking. Or they get themselves stuck in traffic jams on their way to the gym only to….. sit on a stationary bike for hours. Try to make it a habit by parking your car a little further and do a little walking instead. Not only you burn calories but you also get a good warmup for the upcoming workout session.

2) Replace water bottles as dumbbells

Whether you are looking for ideas to type that work report or waiting for your friend in the car, you can use a water bottles as dumbbells while you’re at it – an exercise to tone the much dreaded ‘chicken wings’ on your arms. Another alternative you can use is a can of condensed milk or if you prefer something heavier, a packet of fresh milk or even a bottle of detergent will do too!

3) Make housework fun

Put on some loud, fast paced tracks and dance to them while you’re wiping the cupboard, sweeping, mopping the floor or vacuuming the carpet. That way, you’re killing two birds with one stone; burning calories and getting the housework done. Dancing and cooking are also a great fun combo! Who says doing housework has to be boring?

4) Use the stairs

It doesn’t matter if it’s the apartment stairs or the stairs from the car park to the office lobby, but stairs climbing is one of the most effective way to improve fitness; an activity much like hiking. Start slow, for example you can climb from level one to three and then use the elevator to the desired floor on the first day. Aim to increase the number of stairs you climb each time till you’re able to make to the destination level. You may feel it’s hard and heavy at the beginning but you’ll get used to it sooner or later!

5) Eat, drink and still stay slim
If you can, pre-check the menu and choose your food wisely before walking into the restaurant to prevent from making choices due to impulse cravings. Finding it hard to reject the complimentary bread as appetizer? Dip it in olive oil instead of butter as it will help to reduce appetite.
Some restaurants serve big portions so instead of gobbling down the whole plate of pasta all by yourself, opt to share it with mates or if you prefer, ordering 2 different appetizers may fill you up just the same.
Savor what you eat but you don’t have to finish it all in one go. Eat half the serving portion and ask for the rest to be taken home for breakfast the next morning.

6) Have a dance party

The most fun way to sweat and increase heart rate to ensure smooth blood flow to the entire body. If you are not a party animal or too shy to show off your skills in public, the alternative is to organize your own dance party at home with close friends. The Oppa Gangnam dance may have been a little rusty and out of style by now but if you can still tolerate it, why not? No one has to know cause you’re doing it in the comfort of your own home 😉

Last but not least, probably not something that everyone thought of,

7) Shower squats

While waiting for the conditioner to soak in the hair, squeeze in a few squats. It usually takes a few minutes before you wash it off so why not do some squats while waiting for the time to pass? Aim to do 20 squats, then hold for 10 seconds and repeat again. Shower tabata, anyone? 

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