Rlation—particularly the urban male population. So, emember when “metrosexuals” became a thing? The term, created twenty years ago by Mark Simpson, describes men who are into their appearance, themselves, and have money to burn. It was a new way of thinking about men who cared about traditionally feminine things—grooming, their “look”, and so on. At the time, it had ladies clutching their pearls, and men denying their metrosexuality for fear they’d be thought of as “girly” or “gay”. But now, it describes the general male popuif metrosexuals have become the wildebeest of the human world, who are the peacocks?

It’s the spornosexuals. A new breed of man, that’s been slowly developing over the past few years, presumably on Instagram. In an article released by The Telegraph, Simpson states that the fusing of sports (and it’s global stars like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo) and sex helped fuel this new generation. Throw that in with a deep desire to be desired, social media (“Lemme take a selfie”), and the ripped dudes you see in ads and fitness magazines, and you’ve got yourself a new breed of man.

Think you might be part of this new generation? Take the quiz and find out.


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