If I have to be honest with myself I am a bit self delusional . Not to generalize too much but like most men I think I am fitter than I really am , able to run faster than I really can , healthier , more intelligent, better looking than I really am, you know the way it goes 🙂 But the funny thing is that I watched a news item yesterday which confirmed that most people think that they are better than what they really are , in fact it’s nature’s way to help us get through life positively. Maybe it also explains why so many tone deaf singers try out for American Idol.

But seriously I began to think more about this point and asked myself the question. Is this type of thinking the reason behind why we delude ourselves and do not try to get fitter & eat a healthier diet?

For example smoking , I have a friend who once told me that he had given up the habit but when I probed further, he said he only smokes after six pm. I said to him “Great at least that’s a positive move”. He then informed me that he is now only smoking 10 cigs after 6 pm. I asked him “How many did you smoke each day before you started your the new withdrawal regime?” He said “10 cigs” Self delusional???

Now I know that maybe somewhat of a extreme case but hey let’s look at fitness training. In this area I am never ceased to be amazed by the amount of self delusioned statements I have heard throughout the years.
For example:

“Hey I go to the gym everyday” ( fact- When in gym ,read paper , look at girls and maybe spin the bike for 10 mins).

“Hey I go walking each day” ( fact:walk from the car to the office and back ).

“ Hey I used to do Judo , Dragon Boating when at school” ( fact he is now 50 years of age and school was 35 years ago).

“I do exercise every day” ( fact he goes to the park , swings his arms about a few times , exercises his eyes and goes home).

“I walk the dog every day ( fact: the dog walks and pulls him along on the bicycle).

In short if we want to get fit, you must first try to be honest with yourself. A hard thing to do as I know when nature is telling us we are doing just fine.

But the reality is we must plan ahead as we are now living longer. Did you know quality of life in older age is linked to the type of training and diet we do now? Btw I know the 20 something’s out there don’t believe they will ever be 60 some day but the fact is you will unless misfortune strikes you down.

The reality is it is really good to do some form of exercise each day as our bodies need it. The exercise you do should raise the heart rate for 20-30minutes at a time . You should try an exercise you enjoy; maybe walking , dancing , swimming ,hillwalking , cycling etc. Try to do it in a group or with a friends so you can motivate each other, enjoy the conversation and have fun along the way .

Anyway have to go, hope to see ya at Bootcamp

Happy training 🙂

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