Hey you know what it is more and more challenging to live up to the ideals of perfectionism delivered daily via media streams The modern world have been revolutionized by the internet , so now we are even more connected & pressurized by advertisers who drive us all to look a certain way.For previous generations they did have the constant daily drip feed of communications to like this or that , or buy this in order to look like this or eat that to become this.The bottom line is the advertisers objective is to sell  an image and unfortunately we buy into it and this can make us feel sometimes less than perfect.

The outcome is that the we suffer more eating disorders, undertake fad diets, pop unproven pills, & spend our  money on  useless quick fixes machines and programs. Unfortunately the fact is most of us will not realize the ideal even if we wrap , pop , drink , rub , think, kick , spin or vibrate our way to the advertisers ideals of what we should look like or how we can get there.

Hey now for a reality check just look at the Olympics , did you not notice something , all the competitors were of different sizes ,shapes,  age profiles, not air brushed but real human beings.Yes some look really good but we always have some people who look really good even in your office , unfortunately that’s life.

My advise is forget the advertisers and ignore the path of least resistance. The best way to improve body image is to take up some form of physical exercise and eat a balanced diet. Go exercise in whatever way you enjoy, walk run, boot camp , dance, cycle , kick-box or whatever because it’s GOOD FOR YOU. It will not cost you a bomb and you will get fit for life the caveat however being you must do it regularly at least 3 – 5 times a week.

As you get fit you will improve your health , quality of life you will  also feel more confident , have fun , make new friends , reduce stress , reduce body fat, look better,  have more energy, improve sleep, become mentally tougher, learn new sports and have new life experiences.  Whatever it is, just do it , you will have no regrets

By MC 

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