From the time when I was fast approaching 40, I was drawn to ‘age defying’ products; moisturizers, hands creams, body lotions. Put ‘age defying’ on a broom and I will likely buy it too! Yes, we say that age is just a number but when the number grows larger, don’t we wish that the birthdays don’t come as soon. Like many, I do not wish to look my age but younger.
If we care enough about ourselves, our bodies, it is no crime to look for ways to stay young, good-looking, healthy and fit. Yes creams in jars may offer the promise of eternal youth but actually the solution lies within us. We have the choice to eat sensibly, get enough sleep and exercise instead of looking dull, sluggish from the excess weight and aging before our time.
Just look at those hot-looking desperate housewives of Wisteria Lane! That’s Hollywood you may say; land of the nip and tuck. But most of the ladies are approaching 50. Only Eva Longoria is a baby at 36 while Dana Delany is now in her mid-50ties. But those well-toned arms, I would kill for want them! They obviously got that way from regular workouts. Teri Hatcher is known to pole dance for her fitness regime.
Not saying we should all sign up for pole dancing or go hug our TNB pole outside the house. More like not to underestimate the powers of regular workouts to making us look younger. So the next time we look for an age defying solution in a box, it should not just be slap on our faces but rather on our feet and go out an exercise.

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