Our very first ‘home grown’ coach, Miranda showed such promise as a Warrior that we couldn’t help but invite her to train as a coach. She embodies all those qualities that we promote: enthusiasm, hard work, integrity and a sense of fun.

Miranda has taken to coaching like a duck to water. She has studied the subject hard, and now produces some of the very best-crafted lessons for our Warriors. She is due to take her Certified Fitness Instructor exam in March, and we are sure she will pass with flying colours!

She has been involved in a wide variety of sports all her life, but like many mothers, found it difficult to maintain after the birth of her son. Miranda made herself return to sports initially through kick boxing and then running – these are now her biggest passions. She has already completed Hassu Tassu, Climbathon, TMBT, Ricky Lightfoot, Maliauthon and many other classic Sabah races – and for 2016 has her eyes firmly on Beaufort 60, BUTM 50, and the Viper Challenge.

Miranda has come a long way in her running since she started only in 2013! She says that it doesn’t matter if you start late in life and only ever come in somewhere in the ‘back of the pack’. The important thing is that you compete and that you finish.

Miranda hopes to inspire those taking their first tentative steps into fitness to achieve their best. She is well-known for her sessions at which she challenges every participant to Commit, Focus, Believe and Achieve!

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