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Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Warrior Fitness is a fun , friendly and inclusive training environment. We provide scientifically proven health and fitness programs for beginners, athletes and teams. Our mission is to help you become fitter, faster, tougher ,stronger both mentally and physically.

At Warrior we understand

Like most people we have faced the modern challenges of trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally while also maintaining a balanced life style. We realised that advice was often overwhelming, confusing, unsustainable or maybe underdelivered on what it promised.

Fun and Effective Training 

We made it our mission to do something about this and formed Warrior in 2011 the goal was to provide training that was effective, scientific, made you feel great and maximized the use of your time.

What type of training ? 

Warrior training combines the best of military physical training with modern sports conditioning. The programs are ongoing and will work to help you lose weight, develop athletic performance, functional fitness,  team skills and mental toughness. In short “Real Training – Real Results” & ”  Fitness for Real Life”.

Am I fit enought to do it ?  

The sessions are divided into three categories to cater to different fitness levels. This allows a beginners and athlete to train in the same environment and at the right level. The training is done primarily outdoors to keep it fun and also to reap the health physical and psychological benefits of training in our natural environment “The great outdoors”

When you join, you will experience a fun, friendly & super motivational ” CAN DO” workout  environment. Our philosophy is to keep the training challenging but honest, promote a healthy lifestyle and the power of team. We aim to help everyone succeed “We never leave anyone behind”

For those of you who maybe a bit apprehensive, we assure you Warriors are of all ages (14 – 74) and fitness levels so you won’t be holding anyone back. Just come along & try it out, we promise you will experience something different.

Professional Coaching Team 

All the training is led by a hand-picked team of Coaches with backgrounds in the Military, Athletics and Team Sports.

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