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Our superfit Spartan couple shares their fitness journey with Warrior all the way to the Spartan World Championship in Lake Tahoe.

Kelvin and I first joined Spartan Community Workout in Jan 2017. We finished breathlessly in the session and took us a week to recover. Therefore I took up the challenge (inspired by Karen, I really want to thank her for introducing Warrior family to me) to sign up for Spartan race to change my tedious life. I signed up for Kelvin and told him to start training if he wishes to complete the race in one piece. It wasn’t easy to juggle between work, family and exercise. We try to attend at least 3 times a week to 6:30 pm class and weekend class or LSD run with fellow warriors. A big thank you to fellow coaches for accommodating my 3 children to stay around during Warrior sessions, making my attendance possible. It is proven that an hour of Warrior training a day could make a huge difference.

The most awesome part that I like about Warrior Fitness is the community that they’ve built throughout these years. Fellow Warriors workout together, have fun together, no one is left behind. It doesn’t matter how strong or weak you are, coaches all brought different insight helping us to workout at individual fitness level. Working out with Warrior isn’t all about making you look good but we’ve learnt so much about how to land on your feet properly, how to carry weights without hurting your back, how to overcome your fear, how to improve your stamina, etc. which are essential in our daily lives. Coaches in Warrior never fail to provide advice and guidance to work out most safely meanwhile pushing beyond our limits.

In 2018, Kelvin and I both qualified and completed Spartan World Championship race in Lake Tahoe which is like a dream come true. It was an awesome experience in meeting all the elite athlete from all around the world. Warrior helped us to achieve what we never expect to happen in our lives and definitely changed our lifestyle too. Never complain, put your thought to action.

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