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Do you want to change your HEALTH and WELL BEING for the better but don’t know where to start? How many times have you let it slip by with the ” I’ll Get Started Tomorrow ” excuse?

Stop with the excuse and  TAKE ACTION instead! Come and experience the Warrior Total Beginners Fitness session for FREE.

TOTAL BEGINNERS FITNESS FREE COMMUNITY WORKOUT by Warrior Fitness & Adventure is created to introduce the habit of regular exercise to those wishing to start out on a fitness regimen or for those who had stopped exercising for a long while.

Highlights of this session are :

  • Start you off at your own pace
  • Small group training
  • Fun and friendly environment
  • Lifestyle advise, and
  • Real Training – Real Results

If you have any health issues, you are required to have clearance from your physician to join this activity. Please be properly attired – comfortable exercise wear, including proper shoes. Bring a mat, towel, sunblock and plenty of drinking water. And if you like, a cap and sunglasses.

And don’t forget that CAN DO attitude!

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