Warrior Fitness training is demanding both mentally and physically. You will be taking part in fitness sessions which include ropes, tyres, weights, boxing, sprints, endurance runs, hiking, high-intensity circuits, agility tests, games buddy-training, obstacle courses and team activities.

  • Each member attends a Warrior Fitness training session on their own free will.
  • Each member must complete a health screening form and agree to its terms and conditions prior to beginning training with Warrior.
  • It is the sole responsibility of every member to inform the Warrior Coach prior to the session of any injury or reason why they cannot train or exercise.
  • The red Warrior Tee-shirt or Singlet must be worn in all training sessions.
  • Should any member get injured at any time during the exercise, they must immediately inform the coach and refrain from further training until they seek professional medical advice to do so.
  • The instructions and directions given by the coach are done so at their own discretion and must be adhered to for the safety of each individual unless (see next point).
  • If any member feels, for any reason, that they cannot do the exercise or activity in the session, they must inform the coach, who may in turn, at their own discretion, suggest an alternative he/she feels suitable, or refrain from doing that exercise/activity on that occasion.
  • The Coach of Warrior Fitness & Adventure Sdn Bhd cannot be held responsible for injuries caused during the course of the training session as injuries are possible.
  • Warrior training sessions occasionally go outside the parameters of a standard fitness training program that you may be used to (in the gym etc.) and each member attends on their own free will.
  • Warrior Fitness & Adventure Sdn Bhd cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property during any Warrior training session. Warrior Coaches or representative will not secure member’s property during training; e.g. jeweller, keys etc.
  • Fees cannot be carried forward to the next session. If you miss sessions for whatever reason, work, holidays, family engagements, injuries, illness, etc., we WILL NOT give refunds or carry forward sessions, transfer your membership, or suspend your membership under any circumstances.
  • Notices will be posted on WhatsApp chat groups, Facebook, Warrior app and the Website; so it is up to each member to regularly check this for updated information.
  • It is up to each member to attend as many of the sessions during any paid period.
  • Warrior training will go ahead in all weather conditions, rain, sunshine, storm etc, unless otherwise stated. On occasions, a venue may prohibit us from training there due to hazardous conditions, this is for the public’s safety, and should this occur, you are free to attend another session that week, however, please note that refunds will not be given or sessions carried forward for this occasion.
  • It is the responsibility of each member to give a valid mobile number and/or email address when registering, of where they can be reached.
  • On occasion Warrior Fitness & Adventure may need to change a training location or time for unforeseen circumstances. In the event of this occurrence, Warrior may notify members at least one hour prior to the scheduled time via the Warrior MY app push notification and WhatsApp group chat. On public holidays, sessions may not run or be subjected to change; all members will be communicated with or details will be posted on the Warrior MY app, Whatsapp group chat, website and/or Facebook. The session will not be compensated should such an instance occur; however, exceptions may be made at the discretion of management. Any changes will be brought to your attention. It is the responsibility of every Warrior member to keep up to date with Warrior news and events listed on the Warrior MY app, WhatsApp group chats, website and/or Facebook.
  • Should your contact details change while you are still a Warrior member, you must notify the Warrior Admin by email (info@warriorfitnessadventure.com) with your new contact details.
  • Each member must wear appropriate training attire during any session or activity. Should you not know what the appropriate attire is, you can check on the Warrior website.
  • Should the scheduled coach is not present for a training session, alternative arrangements may be made for the session. This may include a temporary replacement or otherwise be compensated for the session.
  • It is the responsibility of each member to inform the coach if they feel that they require additional warm up or cooling down at any session.
  • Press shots may be taken from time to time during any training session, should any member do not wish to have their picture or name published, they must inform the Warrior representative at registration, or by email, and not after the shots have been taken and produced.
  • Any activities, social nights, holidays, hikes, adventure training etc. put on by Warrior may have additional charges, which will be clearly outlined on the announcement prior to the event.
  • Warrior sessions are run with an ‘at your own pace’ policy; however, the coaches and team are there to push you to train at your hardest. If you feel that you cannot keep up with the pace that is being set for you, it’s up to you to pull out or mention to the coach that you will train at a lesser pace.
  • Warrior Coaches and/or team use terms and phrases throughout the sessions to encourage and motivate members, it is not our intention to offend anyone, so please don’t take it personally.
  • Warrior Coaches are not responsible for members during any activities, social night, hikes, weekends away, games, runs, etc. organized during any session.
  • Warrior Fitness & Adventure Sdn Bhd has the right to refuse admission to any of its sessions.
  • Members’ email addresses occasionally block incoming emails, and Warrior emails may not reach your inbox. This is not the responsibility of Warrior; however, notices are posted on the Warrior MY app, Whatsapp group chats and placed on the news and events section of the website regularly.
  • Attendees at Warrior training sessions must comply with any amendments made to the Rules and Regulations.
  • Warrior training sessions operate in different locations, and are made up of a variety of resources, session numbers (large and small), conditions and surfaces including, outdoors, indoors, gym halls, parks, weights rooms, grass, tarmac, concrete, astroturf, dimly lit areas, brightly lit areas, confined spaces, large spaces, rough terrain, hills, wet conditions, forest areas, etc. Members, who are unsure of what type of location and surface you are booked in for, should contact Warrior Fitness by email for details. Once you are registered, Warrior Fitness will not refund members due to the dissatisfaction of your session surroundings or conditions.
  • There may not be any toilet or changing facilities at some of the training sites. It is up to each member to come prepared.
  • Should any member require any specific medical aids or otherwise (eg: inhaler, supports etc.), it is up to that member to disclose this information to the coach prior to each session, and ensure that they have it with them. This member may not be allowed to train without it.
  • If a member arrives late to any session, they will not be allowed to participate for their own safety and the safety of other members. No discounts will be given should this occur.
  • Should a member arrive at any session after it has started, they may not join in without notifying team or coach
  • All members MUST reserve a spot on the Warrior MY app and check-in prior to every session. Registered guests on Free Trial must introduce themselves (i.e. give their name) to the Warrior Coach on duty.
  • I acknowledge that the questionnaire was completed in full and I have read and understood the terms and conditions.
  • The information given by me in the questionnaire is true and accurate.
  • I agree that I will undertake the outdoor/indoor exercise in accordance with Warrior Fitness terms and conditions.
  • I have obtained clearance from the doctor where required or recommended.
  • I understand that there may be risks involved in the training I participate in and agree to assume such unforeseeable risks.
  • I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Warrior Fitness & Adventure Sdn Bhd from any claims, causes and actions as a result of my unlawful action or failure to act during an activity.

We are committed to delivering safe and sustainable training. Therefore, you must declare to the coach before each session if you have an injury or illness and are fit to take part in the workout. You must wear the proper sports gear including proper running shoes during each session. You will not be allowed to train barefooted, in flip flops, sandals, jeans or swimwear. All jewelry which could catch on equipment should be removed prior to the start of each session. You must also bring approximately 1 liter of drinking water for each session.

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