Warrior Fitness has not only transformed Silvi’s fitness by leaps and bounds but also helped to improve her nutrition via Operation Transformation to perform better! From the lady who keeps getting stronger day after day, let’s see what she has to say:

I have been with Warrior fitness for the past 6 years. I happened to stumble upon a group of warriors in BG n got to know about it. Decided to give it a try n here I am still coming back for more fun workouts. It’s been a blessing to be part of the Warrior family. I love outdoor activities and that’s what kept me coming back for more. The coaches are very friendly and encouraging; throughout the years I’ve made a lot of friends and it’s always a pleasure to be with them at every training session.

I’ve been a runner all my life but I thought it was all over n was just running to be fit. After joining Warrior I had the confidence to take part in races again. I even signed up for my first Spartan obstacle race n did 5 of them. I managed to finish every race with satisfying results & the credit all goes to the coaches support, encouragement and to my fellow Warriors too. I learned that age is not an obstacle if your fitness level is up to par.

Three years ago I signed up for Operation Transformation as my body fat was very high. I thought I was eating healthy since I’m a vegetarian but my assumption was wrong as I got to know I was on an unhealthy vegetarian diet. I started eating clean with the guidance of the coaches and finally started cooking my own meals after a long kitchen break. I’ve never looked back n I’m still eating clean 80% of the time. That’s an achievement for me alright. My biggest achievement since joining Warrior would be running my 1st full marathon in 2017 (PBIM)n Eco 30k trail run in 2018. The coaches gave me full guidance, advice, encouragement and made it possible for me to do it. Also full support & encouragement from all the Warriors. Would like to thank each & everyone for that.

My goal for this year is to do a 50k ultra run. I’m going to work on this & hope to accomplish it.

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