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What is Fundamental Movement & Assessment?
This once-a-month session is part of the multi-step Warrior Achieve System used to evaluate the fitness and mobility levels of a Warrior based on observation and fitness tests. It combines Fundamentals and Fitness Assessment into a 90-minute session. The Fundamentals portion will have the coach demonstrating the movement, observing the Warriors doing the same and making corrections where necessary, while the series of tests will serve as a baseline to monitor (via the app entry) the progress of the Warrior over time through repeated assessment, as recommended by the Warrior Achieve System.

Who is this for?
This session is highly recommended for all New Warriors, especially Beginners. Current Warriors are also encouraged to attend this session to review their fitness level since starting Warrior training. They will benefit from some form correction of a particular movement even though they have been with Warrior for over an extended time.

What do you need?
It would be ideal to have these in hand for the session.

  • Mat to lie on
  • Water to hydrate
  • Face towel

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