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I joined Warrior Fitness in April 2015, so am coming up to my 4th anniversary. I didn’t know back then how much I would benefit so much from the sessions, and all of the advice given so generously from Coaches and fellow Warriors. They receive my most sincere thanks. These are people who have inspired me – and (much to my surprise) I am told I am now inspiring new and existing Warriors.

What is very much apparent is that everyone genuinely wants everyone to succeed within Warrior. With each different session, I don’t question what the Coaches ask of me as I know I can and will do that activity to the best of my ability. I have far more confidence in myself and my ability to work through the sessions. Probably most important is that I don’t worry that I would be letting my partner or the team down as we work together.

Four years ago, I could only manage to run the small loop at Straits Green and I was always happy to be at the back of a run. With consistent training and applying what I have learned from talks and the running master class, my technique, time and distance have improved. Last year, I was immensely happy to complete the Balik Pulau ½ Marathon in just under 3 hours: never a world record, but a very personal achievement. I have completed several running events preferring 10kms (including PBIM), and the 2017 Pisang Relay. I have also taken part in 2 Round Island Relays as part of Warrior teams.

With help from other Warriors – in the form of shoving, pulling and verbal encouragement – I completed Urban Jungle Challenge last summer. I was delighted to receive a Warrior annual award for Outstanding Fitness in 2017.

Due to injury, my attendance at Spartan has been deferred twice, and I hope to complete that competition this year. I use the variety of Warrior sessions to prepare me for this challenge, knowing I am now stronger in more than just physical strength. Recently, I have started to attend the new Tuesday morning Mayhem session Abs & Core.

I look forward to continuing my training with Warrior Fitness over the next 4 years and beyond, to continue living the healthiest life that I as I try to ‘future proof’ myself.

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