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Makes you change direction effectively and efficiently to an external stimulus. Improve your speed, strengthen your whole body and reduce your risk of injury.

  • visual cues
  • reaction time
  • anticipation
  • perception


Takes your cardio workout to another level and pushing your own pace out of your comfort zone. This training method will involve alternating with few exercises at a given time with minimum rest in between.

  • gain muscles
  • increases metabolism
  • more fat burnt


This type of workout is important for overall fitness and lifestyle. Will improve your

  • strength
  • bone density
  • energy level
  • shape/tone up muscles
  • growth development for young adult


Running-based sessions will help to

  • improve performances at races/athletic games
  • add cardio to your workouts
  • increase your fitness level
  • strengthen and condition your muscles for beginners and those coming back from a spell of inactivity

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