I joined Warrior in Feb 2017 and now it is fast approaching 2 years. It first started as an idea to push myself to wake up early to exercise but it soon became a routine that I stick to. Over time I have made great friends in Warrior whom I enjoy working out with. I like that Warrior bootcamp is short but intense and focuses on full-body training. The workout routine varies from time to time so I hardly feel bored in class.

I used to dread the Friday speed classes. I dislike the feeling of running out of breath when I had to run hard or run uphill. I wouldn’t have attempted it if I were alone, but with Warrior, I am always pushed out of my comfort zone. Even though the workout is difficult, it feels more like a fun challenge when doing together with buddies. I like that Warrior coaches have their own expertise and they are able to give insightful advice on how to improve, be it in running or developing strength, endurance and power. Over time my overall fitness has become better and I have also started to run more regularly and run longer distance. With new-found ability and confidence, I am inspired to do races as a way to challenge myself.

Since with Warrior, I have participated in Spartan races, half marathons, trail races and even the Round Island Relay! I really enjoy the never-ending process of trying, learning and improving. My biggest race achievement to date is that recently, I managed to complete a half marathon in under 2 hours. It took me one year of hard work (over 2000km of training mileage) before I finally made it. This is one achievement that I’m truly proud of because it did not come easy, and Coach Chin Chin deserves a special mention (and thank you) for her guidance and encouragement.

I’m currently preparing for my first full marathon which is the Malaysian Women Marathon in March 2019. Besides this, I’m also lucky enough to win a ballot place in the Chicago Marathon in October 2019. This definitely will mark a new milestone in my running journey. I hope to be able to complete both in under 4.5 hours.

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