Achieve More Than You Believe

You Can Achieve Way More Than You Believe

Build a winning mind-set. Do you know you are able of 20 times more than you think you can do?


  • Ask yourself why do you want to get fit, lose weight, or improve?
  • Work to have more self-awareness. Why do we behave the way we behave? Be honest with yourself, where are you now?
  • Work to align your behaviours to your goals. Without a clear purpose you will not behave in a way to achieve those goals. This is fuel to the fire to your purpose, your reason to succeed.
  • COMMIT – What I am going to do about it, get organized and make a realistic plan (for example join Warrior Training, Walk each day, sign up for a race, get healthy for you yourself and your family.
  • FOCUS – on implementing the plan – Focus
  • BELIEVE – Have patience. Start with small goals (A single push-up) and work up to see you yourself achieving your goals. If you had a bad day, let it go, dust yourself down, start again. Consistency is the key to success. The more consistent you are, the more the health and fitness habit will form.
  • Whenever you are lacking motivation or losing direction please remember these four words:

Commit – Focus – Believe – Achieve

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