Venise started her fitness journey from doing martial arts. Kickboxing is her favourite sport as it emphasizes quick and powerful movements. She enjoys every kick and punches she throws which also provides a great mental boost when she sees herself landing a kick correctly after 100 kicks, or get herself to conquer the fear of getting hit and kicked.

She decided to pursue fitness as a career after seeing some improvements in the quality of her lifestyle; both physically and mentally. Formerly a graphic designer, she used to work in front of a computer for more than 12 hours a day and had backache issues which took a few years to recover.

“I would strongly recommend everyone to stay active and make fitness a lifestyle. No matter at what age you start your fitness journey, you can always make a change as long as you keep moving. Some may start at the age of 20 but give up after that, so fitness isn’t a race, CONSISTENCY is the key!”, she quotes.


● NASM Group Personal Trainer
● Favourite quote – “Enabling growth is a fulfilment”
● Current sports – Kickboxing, BJJ

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